Perfidia [2020]

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Black metal Hegeroth Perfidia

Release date / Data wydania: 2020 11 19

Track list/ Utwory:

1. Hand By Hand 3:27
2. Distorted Visions Of Saints 4:55
3. The Wind Embraces Me 5:02
4. Raise Your Voice 4:11
5. Sacrificed 5:00
6. Last Salvation 4:46
7. How Sore Can Be The Fall 4:00
8. An Angel Won’t Come 4:25

Sacra Doctrina coverart / okładka:  hegeroth_perfidia_cover1920.jpg

Links to album / linki do albumu:

Lyrics by Ed
Music by Bene, Bila except for track 4 - music by Miro, Bene, Bila
Guitar solos on tracks 2 & 6 by Maziak

Line up / Skład:
Ed - vocals

Bene - guitars, bass

Bila - drums, guitars

Recorded - April 2020 at HHSoundLab Studios
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Bene
Cover art by Threadbare Artwork
Layout by Chris Berestecki (Total Death Art)

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